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Norman Einstein's 12: May 2010 Einstein's Latest Findings by Cian O'Day Making a Tiger by Jason Clinkscales Stickball City: a Photo Essay by Marshall Rake, Corban Goble, & Cian O'Day Hard Foul: a Monologue by Graydon Gordian Cheering Out Of a Suitcase by Patrick Truby Drafted: a Primetime Drama by Cian O'Day

During the NBA playoffs, you are sure to see bodies slammed to floor, without hesitation, without remorse. The voices from your television will likely scream bloody murder. They may tell you are witnessing a moment of tragedy. In fact, the hard foul can be a moment of beauty.

[Graydon Gordian is a graduate student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He is the founder and editor of 48 Minutes of Hell, a San Antonio Spurs blog. His work has been published by Hardwood Paroxysm, TrueHoop, the Rumble, the Huffington Post, Politics Daily, the Military Times, and UPI. To read more by Graydon, check out his profile.]

Copyright, all rights reserved. Photo: Library Of Congress.

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