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Norman Einstein's 16: September 2010 Einstein's Latest Findings by Cian O'Day Tragedy & Transcendence: Armando Galarraga's Imperfect Game by Alex Birdsall Hardball Heroes: a Conversation With Amber Roessner by Patrick Truby 48 Seconds: Curtis Johnson Jr Fights For a Dream by Brian Blickenstaff Thorn From the Lions Paw by Cian O'Day Uneasy Lies the Bear That Wears a Crown by Andrew Reilly First Downs Forgotten: the NFL & Integration by Jason Clinkscales

A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.

–Joe Theismann

As baseball's postseason and football's regular season fast approach, the Einsteins are looking back, mining the past for lessons relevant today. This month, we question the nature of sports tragedy, uncover how mythic heroes are created, experience how a community and an athlete shape each other, try to cope with traditions both great and terrible, and advocate for a messy racial past. The past may be prelude but that doesn't make it any less fun to read. Bring on September: Norman Einstein's 16 is here!

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